Three Boats On A Beach, 1992

This series of about fifty mixed-media works was produced in a wide range of dimensions and on a wide variety of paper and board surfaces. They came about as a direct result of a powerful dream I had in 1990. I dreamt that I spent a week looking for a certain drawing, Three Boats on a Beach, that I made while a summer art student in 1960. In the dream, after finding the drawing, I spend another week studying it and visualizing a long series of improvisations on the original.

The dream was so compelling that I actually did spend a week looking for the original drawing in my many portfolios. Once found, as in the dream, I spent a week studying it and thinking about the project that the dream had suggested. I then spent the next several months producing a variety of interpretations of the original drawing. These ranged from "improved" copies, to geometric analyses, to optical illusion "games".

The series was exhibited at the Extension Gallery in Toronto and the Richmond Art Gallery in British Columbia. A few of the drawings are in public collections, many are in private collections, and some have been recycled.