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Since 2004 Brian Grison has published exhibition previews, exhibition reviews, articles, essays and book reviews. These have appeared in the following publications:

Artichoke (Vancouver)
Border Crossings (Winnipeg)
Canadian Art (Toronto)
Canadian Journal of Adlerian Psychology (Vancouver)
Ceramics: Art and Perception (Sheridan, Wyoming)
Ceramics Monthly (New York) (Victoria)
Focus Magazine (Victoria)
Galleries West (Calgary)
MIXmagazine (Toronto)
Monday Magazine (Victoria)
Revue d'art canadienne / Canadian Art Review (RACAR) (Victoria)
This Magazine (Toronto)
Vie Des Arts (Montreal)
Y.A.M. (Victoria)

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    Victoria studio, 2015. Photograph by Laura Dempsey

Victoria studio, 2015. Photograph by Laura Dempsey