The Artist and Model 2012-2016

I have begun shifting part of my process away from series and toward working within looser "themes". I want the challenge of beginning a new drawing or painting without directly referring to previous works or ideas. Within this program I am working on a variety of grounds in a wide range of dimensions from 15 x 11 inches to 60 x 40 inches and beyond.

The historic notion of art being an indirect portrait of the artist intrigues me. This is the motivation behind a broad theme I think of as either "the drawing boy" or the "artist and the muse". The metaphoric and symbolic found image of a boy making a drawing reflects my general approach to creativity as thinking through ideas. The boy also reminds me of myself as an art student. 

In this new direction, I am being influenced by my interest in historic art: the Romantic "view through the window", the relationship between the window frame, the cross and the grid. This relationship is a symbol of the separation between mundane and spiritual life. It is also an emblem of modernity in art. The long history of the (male) artist and the model is a related theme. 

With a variety of appropriated images of boys and men as quasi self-portraits, I position the image of myself in front of, or emerging from, my own works of art, and my own history.

All these works were exhibited at a group exhibition in Victoria in late 2014. In early 2016, four of them participated in a group exhibition at Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George.