This group of drawings began without a clear notion of what it’s theme would become. Presently there are five works on 60 x 40 inch, 300lb. Arches watercolour paper. Beside these I will work on canvas and panel surfaces, possibly using oil paint as well as all water-based media. These drawings were begun after deciding to explore more loose themes rather than series, a subtle distinction which I attempt to explain elsewhere in this website. However, I have returned the group to my more strict interpretation of series. The final drawings and paintings will become variations on the first drawing, β€œA Gathering of His Personae, No. 1;" all the works reproduced here will evolve substantially, and require up to a year to complete.

The series brings together a number of graphic images of males, either drawing a female model or wearing costumes, that represent artistic and other aspects of myself and my history. In this way, the works meditate on the broad history of males looking at, and making drawings of, the female figure. A critique of that history informing these drawings encompasses issues of self and group identity, the institutionalized male gaze and art as learning to behave like a man.

October 4, 2018