Adventures of a Drawing Boy, 2017

In this series of fourteen drawings, the subject can be described as a commentary on the cerebral life of the typical high-school or university art student. As well, the appropriated image of a boy drawing is a stand-in for myself as an artist because making serious art, like studying anything, is a serious matter.

There is a similar experience for the viewer. The random composition and deep layering of content causes distractions from the image of the drawing boy. Evidence of this is the apparent difficulty the viewer has in simultaneously observing the drawing boy while figuring out the surrounding content. In this way, most viewers will experience the same mental dilemma any student must confront. Hopefully, this encourages the viewer to recognize the usually unfashionable notion that seriously looking at and studying art demands dedicated study and concentration.

I made these drawings for a satellite exhibition space operated by the Burnaby Art Gallery at a nearby public library. Each time I visited the library I noticed that it was busy with students working at tables near the exhibition walls. I decided to develop a project that acknowledged and honoured their hard work, while offering them an occasional momentary respite from their labours.